Transportation Solutions

Optimize Trailer Delivery Operations

Streamline the trailer loading and unloading process by automating product handling within the trailer itself, offering a solution for where dock space is limited.

Worker Safety

Reduce loading and unloading time

reduce product damage

The Freight Runner® trailer system can be designed to unload withor without the dock-side Freight Runner®, providing flexibility in the field. With the stand-alone design, cargo can be automatically moved to the back of the trailer for forklift unloading.

Small cargo transport solutions are also available

Boost Efficiency

Drastically reduce loading and unloading times, leading to faster turnaround and higher productivity.

Eliminate Manual Labor

The Freight Runner® conveyor seamlessly moves product, eliminating the need for drivers to enter with a pallet jack. This translates to faster loading and unloading, increased productivity and reduced labor costs.

Enhanced safety

Eliminate the risks associated with drivers maneuvering inside trailers. The Freight Runner® system reduces the potential for slips, falls, and forklift accidents, creating a safer work environment.

Protects Cargo & Trailers

Manual and forklift handling often leads to accidental damage to goods or the trailer. The Freight Runner® system’s gentle, automated delivery minimizes damage.

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