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Automate Product Movement & Increase Flow

Enhance efficiency, improve worker safety and optimize production flow with the Freight Runner® system. The low profile conveyor can fit into nearly any operating space and is customizable to move pallets, carts or racks.

Worker Safety

Adaptable for simple or complex layouts


adjustable speed

Flexible Placement


Designed to fit into existing layouts, the Freight Runner® system becomes an extension of your production line, transporting materials with adjustable speeds for both light and heavy loads.


Replace cumbersome roller conveyors with the Freight Runner® system for automated material transport, freeing up workers and equipment for higher-value tasks and increased production throughput.

Worker Safety

Minimize the risk of manual handling injuries. Automating material handling eliminates the strain of pushing and pulling, creating a safer and more comfortable work environment.


Adaptable to simple layouts or complex, multi-station set ups, the Freight Runner® system can be scaled up by linking together multiple conveyors, easily accommodating future expansion.


Conveyor speed can be adjusted to match production pace and workflow, ensuring smooth and efficient material handling.

Vertical Conveyance

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