Freight Runner®
Pallet Conveying System

Automate, accelerate and simplify pallet movement for a safer, more efficient product logistics.

Adaptable & Flexible Material Handling

The KEITH® Freight Runner® system’s adaptability and diverse configurations make it a valuable tool for handling pallets in various environments, from warehousing, 3PLs and assembly lines to vehicle and trailer interiors for agile delivery systems.

The “drop-in” design of the chain and runner conveyor simplifies installation, providing a flexible material handling solution.

Coffee Bean

flexible placement

Coffee Bean

up to 30 tons

Coffee Bean

adjustable speed

Ideal For

Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Efficiently transport goods to and from trailers.

Manufacturing Facilities

Automate assembly line and product material handling.

Food & Beverage Industry

Quick and easy transfer of goods for reliable temperature control.

Transform Your Operating Environment

Cross Dock Closed Loop Cold Chain Manufacturing 3PLs Warehousing

Boost safety, efficiency and your bottom line


Keep personnel and forklifts out of harm’s way by eliminating the need for them to enter trailers or navigate the dangerous dock zone.


Load and unload in as little as 5 minutes, a fraction of the time it takes with forklifts.


The modular system is easy to install and integrates with existing infrastructure.  No major overhauls or construction is needed.

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