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Why Choose a Freight Runner® System?

The KEITH® Freight Runner® system automates cargo handling, speeds product distribution and reduces labor costs. It replaces the standard, manual process of cargo handling that includes a forklift operator and an employee inside the trailer using a pallet jack. Smaller systems can turn a standard pickup truck or truck box into an efficient delivery vehicle.

  • Fast and Easy Trailer Installation
  • Speed Product Distribution
  • Load/Unload Trailer in as little as 2 min.
  • Moves up to 30 Tons
  • Automate Cargo Handling
  • No Dock Required for Full or Partial Loads
  • Reduce Labor Costs up to 75%
  • Minimize Cargo Damage
  • Optimize Available Warehouse Resources
  • Seamless Transfer of Cargo Between Trailer & Dock
  • Requires Little To No Facility Modifications
  • Suitable For Enclosed Warehouses & Open-Air Docks

Freight Runner® LT (Light Transit)

Freight Runner® D2T (Dock to Trailer)

Freight Runner® TR (Trailer)

Where can you install a Freight Runner® System?

The KEITH® Freight Runner® system requires little or no facility or trailer modifications because it is designed to drop into place on a standard dock plate or in an existing trailer. The system also allows for a variation in trailer designs and heights without compromising reliability. It can be used in a variety of conditions and applications, from refrigerated trailers and warehouses to standard dry vans and open-air docks.

Freight Runner® Conveyor at ProMat

We had a great time showing our cargo conveyor, the Freight Runner® system, at Chicago’s ProMat Show in April 2019. Refrigerated & Frozen Foods has a great overview of show, showcasing several innovations, including the Freight Runner system!...

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