KEITH® Freight Runner® System

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Why Choose a Freight Runner® System?

Speed product distribution in the warehouse or automate your assembly line with this chain and runner conveyor. The “drop-in” design means minimal facility modifications and fast install. The adjustable speed matches your conveying needs and improves flow.



  • Loads/Unloads Full Size Trailer in Under 5 Minutes
  • Speeds Up Product Distribution
  • Easy Install Takes Days, Not Months


  • Minimize Trailer and Product Damage
  • Use Skilled Labor More Productively
  • Designed for Low Maintenance Requirements

Versatile Option

  • Moves Up To 30 Ton of Cargo
  • Customized to fit existing facility footprint.
  • Modular system can be expanded for future growth.

Safety First

  • Keeps personnel off the loading zone and out of the trailers, reducing injury risk.
  • Eliminates need for employees to handle products, decreasing lifting injuries.
  • Automated loading/unloading reduces exposure to extreme heat or cold conditions.

Made and Assembled in the USA

made for you

Automate your assembly line or streamline your material handling process with the KEITH Freight Runner Conveyor. The “drop-in” design means minimal facility modifications and fast install. The adjustable speed matches your conveying needs, improving the flow of your manufacturing line. Run the line fast or slow. Move lightweight or heavy-duty products. The Freight Runner Conveyor handles it all.
Coffee Bean

flexible placement

Coffee Bean

up to 30 tons

Coffee Bean

adjustable speed

The BEST Production Line Conveyor Out there

Easy drop-in design transforms any warehouse into an assembly line. With adjustable speeds, modular set up and low-maintenance design.

  • Space Saving: Low profile design with minimal footprint
  • High Load Capacity: Moves heavy, hard to handle loads including assembly carts
  • Minimal Maintenance: Few moving parts, with self-lubricating chain guides and no tensioning device
  • Virtually Unlimited Length: Add or remove lengths for a continuous conveyor, without interruption
  • Flexible Speed Range: Adjust conveyance speed to match takt time—from slow to fast
  • Non-Invasive Install: Minimal facility modification needed
  • Reduces Manual Labor Costs: Replaces the need for moving materials with forklift or pallet jack

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