Distribution Solutions

Safety First, Efficiency Follows

25% of warehouse injuries happen on the dock. The Freight Runner® system automates one of the riskiest parts of the distribution chain and keeps employees safer.

  • Keep personnel and equipment off the dock plate and out of trailers, reducing fall risk.
  • Removes employees from loading area, minimizing chance of being hit by equipment.
  • Eliminates need for employees to manually handle products, decreasing lifting injuries.
  • Reduces exposure to extreme heat or cold conditions.

The Freight Runner® Dock to Trailer system replaces the dock plate, creating an automated pathway for pallet transfer.

Closed-Loop Distribution

Seamlessly move products within warehouses and optimize internal flow.



Effortlessly unload and restage loads for the fast and efficient transfer of goods between trailers.


Streamline the transfer of shipments between carriers for faster turnaround times.

Increased Productivity

Stage loads until they are ready for transport.

Reduced Labor Costs

Fewer personnel needed for loading and unloading.

Improved Safety

Keeps employees out of hazardous loading zone.

Lower Equipment Costs

Less wear and tear on forklifts and trailers.

Enhance Product Quality

Minimize product damage from rough handling.

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