Product Features

Designed for efficiency, the Freight Runner® conveyor has low maintenance and energy requirements, contributing to long-term savings.


“Drop-In” design for fast installation.

Minimal facility or trailer modifications required.

Ability to retrofit into existing trailer or facility.

Can be easily removed and reinstalled at another location.

Intuitive controls for easy operation.


Simple design with few moving parts.

Built to facility specifications.

Variable weight capacity with additional rails.

Multiple motor configurations available.

Adjustable speed of up to 9 meters per minute.

Modular and flexible design capabilities.

Handles up to 30 ton of cargo.


Chain & Rail

No complex tensioning systems.

High quality 60-2 Roller Chain.

Armor coating for corrosion resistance.

UHMW chain guides.

Heavy duty extrusions.

End caps designed to minimize pinch points.

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