Cold Chain Solutions

Optimize Cold Chain Operations

Overcome inefficiencies in cold chain operations with the Freight Runner® pallet conveyor system. This innovative solution delivers a smoother, safer and more profitable product transfer, ensuring product integrity and employee safety.

Reduce Cold Zone Exposure

Efficient product transfer


adjustable speed

Ensure Precise Temperature Control

Rapid product movement reduces exposure to ambient temperatures, safeguarding product quality and freshness.

Reduce Cold Zone Exposure

Minimize the need for employees to enter frigid environment, protecting them from potential injury and discomfort.

Accelerate Loading & Unloading

Move more shipments in less time to streamline operations.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Rapid product transfer minimizes duration doors need to be open, preventing cold air loss and preserving energy.

Safeguard Cooler/Freezer Doors

Gently transfer pallets directly into cold zones, minimizing forklift traffic and collisions that can damage doors and disrupt operations.

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