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System Applications

What to consider when choosing the Freight Runner® system:

  • Will you have existing trailers to retrofit?
  • What is the estimated weight of your cargo?
  • Will you be hauling partial loads?
  • Is there interest in a dock-to-trailer set up?
  • What power option suits your needs?

Freight Runner® D2T (Dock to Trailer)

Requires trailers to be set up electrically and dock systems have all the controls. Each system needs specified as per the usage requirements.

Freight Runner® TR (Trailer Conveyor)

Multiple drive options and configurations. Standalone system options. Typically driven via hydraulic motors.

Freight Runner® LT (Light Transit)

12VDC motor that has a light capacity of 2,000 lbs. Designed for intermittent use in truck beds and delivery vans.

Freight Runner® SS (Side Shifter)

Shifts the load to either side of the truck to ease in unloading.

Freight Runner® SC (Straight Conveyor)

Inner warehouse conveyors used for conveyance on an assembly line or for transfer within a facility. Driven electrically for speed control and longevity.

Freight Runner® Q & A

Explain the KEITH® Freight Runner® systems.

KEITH® Freight Runner® systems are self-contained chain conveyor systems that offer flexible and safer material handling. The systems can be used in a variety of conditions and applications, from refrigerated trailers and warehouses to standard dry vans, pickups, flatbeds, and open-air docks.


What systems do you offer?

  1. Freight Runner® LT (Light Transit) turns your pick-up truck  or van into a safe & efficient delivery vehicle.
  2. Freight Runner® TR  (Trailer) replaces the standard, manual process of cargo handling that includes a forklift operator and an employee inside the trailer using a pallet jack.
  3. Freight Runner® SS (Side-Shifter) provides side-shifting action that automatically moves loads from the roadside to the curbside for easy unloading in high traffic areas.
  4.  Freight Runner® SC (Straight Conveyor) is an inner warehouse conveyor used for conveyance on an assembly line or for transfer within a facility.
  5. Freight Runner® Dock-to-Trailer Conveyor automates the seamless cargo transfer between dock and trailer.


What are some of the benefits of choosing a KEITH® Freight Runner® system?

  • Reduces labor costs up to 75%
  • Reduces Load/Unload times up to 80%
  • Reduces forklift damage to cargo and trailers
  • Easy installation requires little to no facility or vehicle/trailer modifications
  • Increases safety of drivers and equipment operators
  • KEITH provides a Full-Service Technical Service Department

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