Freight Runner FACTS

The Freight Runner Linear Conveyance System is designed for use as an assembly line or for material transfer within the facility. We compiled a list of facts about the system to answer your questions.

Freight Runner Product Overview


The applications are virtually limitless. Our customers are using the Freight Runner system in the manufacture of construction materials, food products, medical equipment and industrial goods. It performs well in a variety of environments, including cold storage and ambient temperatures of 115°+ F.


The Freight Runner conveyor comes with an incredible speed range. Systems move from ¼” per minute to 60’+ per minute. Systems come with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for speed adjustment to fit the flow of your manufacturing operation. The control panel is simple and intuitive.


The simple design of the Freight Runner conveyor makes for a system that operates day after day without issue. KEITH offers a complete warranty and stands behind our equipment with service and support when needed.


Automating material handling solves several issues caused by moving goods manually. Forklifts are well-known sources of product and facility damage. Pallet jacks can be backbreaking to move, creating less than ideal working conditions for workers. The Freight Runner conveyor simplifies the material handling process, allowing you to maximize peoplepower, improve the workplace environment and help you better navigate staffing shortages.


Compared to other conveying systems, operating costs are low. In addition to minimal maintenance requirements, the Freight Runner conveyor uses high efficiency motors. Once the system is operating, power requirements are low and the weight capacity doesn’t affect efficiency. Multiple drive options are available, with most systems operating with a small AC motor per runner. Motors are adjustable to your power source, with hydraulic power also available.


Installation could not be easier. Little to no facility modifications are required. Once the system is in place and aligned, it just needs to be lagged to the floor. After the chains are connected and the electrical is plugged in, it is ready to go. A standard, 65’ system can be installed by 2-3 people in about an hour.


The system is designed to be modular. You can add additional conveyors to an existing system for nearly unlimited length.


The Freight Runner conveyor is an excellent option for heavy, hard to handle loads. With 4 runners, the system easily moves up to 30 tons. Every system is custom engineered and built to match your specifications, with capacity varying depending upon conditions and the design. Rails can be modified to handle custom assembly carts and other unique manufacturing equipment.


The Freight Runner system is designed with the safety of the operator and other employees in mind. Gears are protected by UHMW blocking for fewer pinch points. Minimal guarding is required.


At the heart of the Freight Runner system is a simple chain conveyor that we made even more uncomplicated by removing the grease points and taking the tensioning requirements out. With few moving parts, maintenance is minimal. The bearings, sprockets and gears are sealed for a long life. We use high quality 60-2 industrial grade roller chain that only needs to be kept clean and lubricated. There is an armor coat option for corrosion resistance.

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