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From stationary to mobile, we have 5 systems to choose from for your cargo moving needs.

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Dock to Trailer System

Trailer System

Straight Conveyor System

Light Transit System

Side Shifting System

Dock to Trailer System (D2T)

Automates Cargo Transfer & Reduces Load/Unload Times


  • Adjustable speed: moves up to 9m per minute
  • Suitable for enclosed warehouses & open air docks
  • Move up to 30 ton of cargo
  • Requires little to no facility modifications
  • Fast and easy trailer installation
  • Reduce labor costs up to 75%
  • Minimize product and trailer damage
  • Optimize available warehouse resources

Trailer System (TR)

Speeds Product Distribution


  • Move up to 30 ton of cargo
  • Alternative to lift-gate/pallet jack combination
  • Improves safety by keeping employees out of the trailer
  • Requires minimal trailer modifications
  • Fast and easy trailer installation
  • Reduces cargo and trailer damage
  • Cuts load/unload times in half

Straight Conveyor System (SC)

“Drop-In” Design for Fast Install


  • Modular design for lineal conveyance
  • Variable weight capacity with additional rails
  • Minimal facility modification needed
  • Engineered solution specific to the customer’s needs
  • Use for assembly line or warehouse in-plant conveyance

    Light Transit System (LT)

    Quick Drop-Off For Small Loads


    • Make small deliveries safe and fast
    • Designed for pickups, flat beds & cargo or box vans
    • Moves cargo from front of bed to the back
    • Easy installation
    • Unloads cargo with a push of a button
    • Automated system is gentle on cargo
    • Configurations start at 2,000 lb. capacity

      Side Shifting System (SS)

      Easy Unloading in Tight Spaces

      • Efficient unloading in congested areas & narrow roadways
      • Load moves from one side of trailer to the other for convenient unloading
      • Ability to load/unload everything from one side in the yard or on the street
      • Use with nearly any size truck bed or trailer
      • Simple wireless control system loads/ unloads
      • Speeds unloading process for maximum efficiency
      • Automated system is gentle on cargo

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